Untold Story #2: Curtis Granderson

Then: Parks and Recreation department worker

Now: Outfielder(Star Baseball Player), New York Mets

Curtis Granderson During a funding event at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

Curtis Granderson

Three-time All-Star Curtis Granderson has been indispensable for several baseball teams including his current team, the New York Mets, he worked to make his neighborhood shine.

“I worked with park and recreations cleanup,” he says. It was a summer tradition for kids in the suburbs of Lynwood, Illinois, who often went straight from work to evening sports and activities. “If there was anything I could take from that, it was time management: the ability to get things done so I didn’t have to worry about doing it the next day.”

The future sports star put his enthusiastic, easygoing attitude to good use during the hours he and his teammates spent painting curbs and fire hydrants, cutting grass and removing trash in minimal shade.

“It kept you busy with positive things instead of getting into trouble,” says Granderson. “You begin to prioritize, and realize that even if you’re tired, you still go in or you miss out on the day’s pay.”

Once he began taking responsibility for his time and his finances, Granderson’s parents relied on him to do it consistently. Awareness and humility gave the outfielder a winning edge in the ballpark.

“If you’re having fun, you’re getting positive results, and those results end up being the ones you want to add to the excitement of what you happen to be doing,” Granderson says. “Whether it be in the batting cage, practice field, or during the game, I do the things I have to do.”


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