Why should we use products ‘Made In India’ ?

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Hello Friends, after writing & creating inspirational stuff now I would like to step further and write about rise of Indian Companies in Global Market. I have observed that a big country like China, America, Canada etc promote and pushes their domestic companies to go on the Top in Domestic as well as markets abroad but In India this policy isn’t working very effectively and our domestic companies are being threatened by Global giants’ competition and ultimately Indian companies lose their reputation in own nation. We, Youths of India can’t wait for our governments to wake up and make efforts to raise indian companies in the way they deserve, we have to take part as Responsible citizen & help Indian Cos rising across the globe. We can do all this by purchasing products “MADE IN INDIA” instead going for brands. Here I have listed some Indian companies that may have a major market share in global portfolio if we support enough them.

Commodity Category Indian Brands we should Use Foreign Brands we need to avoid
Medicines Patanjali RX, Ranbaxy
Cosmetics Patanjali, Himalaya, Vicco, Hindustan Unilever,
Toothpaste Vicco, Meswak, Himalaya Colgate, Pepsodant, Close up, Dove, Lakme,
Soap Patanjali, Santoor, Godrej No. 1, Nirma, Lux, Lifebuoy, Vivel, Cinthol, Hamam, Rexona
Water Bottle Shree, Bisleri, Kinley, Fosters
Detergent Ghari, Arial, Surf Excel, Wheel
Mobiles Micromax, Lava, Karbonn Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Blackberry, HTC, Gionee, LG, Sony
Televisions Micromax Samsung, LG, Sony
Online Shopping Flipkart, HomeShop18.com, Myntra. Amazon, eBay.

Some of you readers may have conflict that all brands I listed under “WE NEED TO AVOID” are the status symbol for lot of Indians, Then I wanna tell you that ‘Xiaomi’ (A mobile Company) is dominating Smartphone market share in China for a very long span while it’s still selling its phones only In china and yet is ranked among Top 5 Smartphone Makers in the World. Another example is about the Apple’s iPhone series. As we know very well that Apple is incorporated in US by Steve Jobs & Wozniaski years ago and iPhones has a Major market share in US and world as well. When we read examples supra-mentioned we get to know that Two Big powers of the has their own brands in their countries  and main role has been played by people of these nations, Govt. can do nothing until we aware. I wanna tell you something about China, there Google, Facebook (Top 2 Most visited Websites in the World) are completely banned and reason behind it is that tech-giants are incorporated in America, Not in China and were making huge money there. Apple is ranked No. 1 Smartphone maker in the world but it’s not even in Top 3 Smartphone brands in China.

        An Article by Yogesh Jangid

Note: I am not advertising any Indian company here, I am not paid for this article, I just want to make people aware about Indian market and brands.

About Yogesh

CA Student, I Like to share Inspiring stuff.

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